Porch Orangery Design

Home extensions do not always have to be complete new rooms, kitchens or guest bedroom suites, we also create small extensions like porches or specialist orangeries.

Property extensions are usually seen as substantial building works, to extend rooms in the home, or to add a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or home office. However, we often create more specific spaces from very small porches that provide some storage space and keep your heat in during winter, to orangeries, which give an altogether more solid, and substantial feel to the traditional garden conservatory.

Porches, entrances and other small extensions

Sometimes our customers literally need just a little extra space, such as a storage area by the back garden door, or a small downstairs toilet because the only other one is upstairs or difficult to  access. Our most popular, small-scale extensions are certainly porches, creating a good place to leave shoes and coats whilst also helping keep your expensive central heating inside the main house, and not rushing straight out the door in winter!

Orangeries: a solid alternative to the garden conservatory

Conservatories have been a popular extension to homes for decades, however the large amount of glass used still creates issues like very low temperatures in winter and very high temperatures in summer. Orangeries are a more solid alternative, combining a typical brick or timber built structure with large wall windows and a rooflight or large skylight to bring in plenty of sunshine.

This design creates a wonderful sunny glasshouse room. Orangeries were originally designed in the 17th century to enable people to grow exotic plants, like orange trees, even in the cooler climate of the UK. The reduction in use of glass also makes them easier to control the temperature in, and they often fit better aesthetically with your property than a PVC conservatory can. We can also mirror the style and building materials of the main house, so it really is an extension of the property rather than an add-on.

The total service supplied across the West Midlands

Just like our award winning loft conversions, all our property extensions are carefully planned and designed, drawing from over 30 years of experience in the business. From concept through to the final decoration, we supply the complete extensions service including utilities installations like electricity, plumbing and heating for private homeowners throughout Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and Herefordshire.